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Roberta Schemley

I prefer using facebook because that is what all my friends use.

Kathleen N.

As you read in my Livejournal account, I like to because I was able to reconnect to some people I went to high school with, but now I have the problem of people trying to add me that I don't know. I feel I go about it the right way-- I want to see what my friends are up to and how to get in touch with them, while other people abuse this system and stalk people or try to add as many people as they can find.

my two cents

I prefer the facebook because I've found some old friends I lost contact with that way.
I also use myspace where I interact more with old friends and associates.

P. Davis

have not used any

I have used my classmates and found school mates from high school and college.


i use facebook and love it because it can keep me connected to friends all over the world.

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