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P. Davis

It can cut both ways, but it is a good way to stay connected to those who may be of the same ethnic group, religious base, common interest in hobbies but it is bad if this is the only source of networking just one avenue

L. Owens

I do go to the social groups because I like to see the new internet sites available with the things of interest to me


First of all, I don't think segregation is the right word here. Segregation implies that there is a forced or ruled separation of society. People can choose whether they decide to participate on those social networks. People naturally tend to socialize with people who have some sort of commonalities with them. If people share the same race then already one can assume many commonalities just based on that. And obviously common interests create comfort levels. One also doesn't have to belong to the race that "headlines" the particular social network. Just that fact in itself concludes that this isn't exactly segregation.

I think as far as deciding whether you can agree or disagree on this type of social network is a silly question. How can this be a negative thing? I really can't think of how this can be negative. And it's not like its going to be so positive that it's going to solve race realtions in america. IT SIMPLY IS WHAT IT IS...A PLACE FOR PEOPLE WITH COMMONALITIES TO SOCIALIZE. P. Davis makes no sense when he says it can cut both ways? What is the other way it can cut? He didn't even know what he was talking about. "The only source of networking one avenue"...I mean I am going to assume that the people who use these types of social networks still interact out in society.
Asking if one would agree on these sites is a weird and confusing question too. Is agreeing meaning that they should be allowed? Of course yes. People of other ethnicities should definately be able to socialize with one another exclusively. Pretty simple. I mean this is supposedly the land of the free where every man is created equal, right?
The question of whether it is a hinderance or if it is positive is a vauge question also. For one, something can definately be both a hinderance and positive...such as a warning label on amonia telling you not to drink it. What in particular are you asking if it is a hinderance upon? The assimilation of our people in this country? No. These social networks are definately harmless and definately does not take away from the opportunity to have our different cultures in the country see eye to eye; nor is it the supercure. It's just a way for people to know what they are going to get when they get into it. Much like the ingredents label on your favorite pack of cookies. If you go into this network you are most likely gonna run into these particular people. I just think this is a poor question to ask. I think this is definately a loaded question. I personally think that if this question was submitted to a bigger sample of people that alot of replies would have stated some sort of reverse racisim in it...which is totally ridiculous...almost as if the originaly question was a set up for these types of social networks to get slammed by white america who would somehow find this as another case for reverse discrimination or some sort of reverse inequality...much like they do with the cabel channel BET. Okay that's it Im done.

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